Sunday, April 17, 2011

Accounting is also an ART

" Accounting is also an ART "
(Sketches are done at the back of basketball ads)

16 April 2011

Dear Mommy (my wife neon),

1. I went to Satwa Supermarket to withdraw money using ur ATM (hehehe).

2. As i walk along busy road to pay parking ticket, i feel hungry and went to Al Fai Resto (...masarap daw dito....mura na, pinoy pa..), i ordered tocilog + coffee + tubig anf guess what? the cook is in indian pana his name is Babu...but in fairness the waiter is pinoy his name is Paulo.

Maliit ang gayat ng tocino na parang dice ang size 1cm.square at ang itlog...kuuupooo...ang liit parang itlog ng ibon, at ang sinangag ay para lang ininit na bahaw na pinahalikan sa mantikang may konting bawang....

anyways...i enjoy the food...kahit na pinipilit kong i-feel na nasa recto ako at kumakain ng tocilog (remember nung college tayo...hehehe).

3. After my breakfast, i remember you told me na mag pa-trim ng hair...i went to Chicago Saloon dito rin sa Satwa
but still they are closed (natutulog pa ata) ...i took my pen out & glossy paper (ads ng basketball na nakuha ko sa resto) and start to sketch all my expenses (see above sketch)...

And finally, the barber arrived...and give me a big smile ang sweet good morning...(ayus...may client agad ako...ito ang nasa isip nya for sure)...nag pa-trim ako ng hair, tapos nagpa color and nag pa hot-oil and yung last ay free massage....(ang sarap...lam mo yun...yung tulo laway ka habang pinipiga ang mga masels mo...saaarrraap!)

4 & 5. I also remember na you want me to cook i ordered cabbage & 7-up....while cooking..naubos ang gas (gas-tos na naman)...after 15 min. 1 pakistani guy delivered
medium tank gas.

Mommy....259.00 Dhs. ang total expenses today.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Off Stage Story

High School Love Affair
Drama, Action & Romance
Directed by: full circle

I don't know how to tell the story to my friends
without hurting the feelings of other friends. I started 
give them a codename so that i can hide their true identity...

but, as i list down all the events to share on FB... i keep
on sketching of one of the character....hmmmm wait a minute...
why not giving them an image character..., i would like to introduce to you my leading characters...
Joey- my HS Classmate

Sally- my HS Batchmate
Technicals: Sketches by full circle
Post process: Photoshop CS5

VR Position

i just sketch this(less than a min.),
thinking about the upcoming workshop
for VR (virtual reality) Photography...

sometimes it is easy to express myself /my ideas
thru text & sketches than shooting something.

My Basketball


I started liking basketball when i was in grade 4
at HCCS (Holy Child Catholic School, Tondo, Manila),
i was very excited to hold the real basketball, i mean the big ball...
'coz i've been practicing & playing on a junior basketball...
My Uniform (Jersey) no. is 00...why 00? 'coz that time
Michael Hacket (dunno if i spell it right) of Toyota Team
is a popular import player in the PBA....and his jersey 00.

And the, d' Day happens...
On our round robin shooting drill...i am very nervous...
rubbing my both hands to feel the heat, stretch my body....
when i heard..."boooolaaaaa (baaaalllll!!!)"....too late men,
they pass the ball to me...and i didn't catch it...i ate it!!!
yes...i ate the orange big ball, with free mark of voit stamp on my face....(malaass deeen),
suddenly i feel something hot...that runs to my lips..."waaahhhh....dugooooo..."
yes! pati nguso ko pumutok ng dahil sa bolang iyan...
Bottom line...i didn't play on my first game...'coz the whole
playing time i was inside the clinic, holding cotton ball inside my lips...

Part 2
to be continue...